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Shadowed by a past of betrayal and failure, we stare ever forward into the illuminated skies. We blaze on with sword in hand, magic on our lips, and the blessings of recovery weaving all around us. We face impossible trials, but our hearts remain firm. Adventurers and heroes are what we are. Family is what we strive for. A joke is whispered to aid a saddened heart. While at the same time, a tear is wiped to comfort the loss of a dear friend. We stand together as we march forward, never looking back. We are always strengthened by our mistakes. We are gamers. We are friends.  We are Azhar!
Screen Shots
I am pleased to see that you all continue to progress. You are almost clearing ICC 10 and progressing quickly throught 25 man. This progression has made its way out to the ears of some of the hard core raiders on our server. They want a piece of the action. Don't let yourself fall below the standards that you set for yourself. Keep up the good work and keep working hard like I know you can. If you are getting burnt out, tell an officer that you need a bit of a break. take some time for yourself, but let one of the officers know. We don't want to lose anyone and have someone miss out on the win against Arthas. Keep the lines of communication open, keep striving to do your best, and even if it's easy content, keep doing your best. Get through that content as fast as you can and as clean as you can. If others are struggling, help them out. If you know that someone is going to be taking off for a few days, have them shoot the officers an in game mail or let them know yourself as a heads up. Let's keep working together and kicking ass like I know you all can. I hope to join you as soon as I can, but school has got me tied down. Love you all and take care.
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